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What Are the Foods That Can Be Shipped Safely

Sending gifts to your family member, friend or someone special is a perfect way to express your affection and care. There are various types of gifts that you can choose from according to the choice of your loved one. Hence, if you’re planning to ship edible treats, such as cookies, cakes, and many others refrigerated foods, you should keep food safety in your mind. Use standard packaging materials and choose a reputable shipping or mailing service for shipping your edible gift. In our last post, we have discussed the vegetarian foods, here we are going to share some healthy foods that can be shipped.

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  • Can you ship food?
  • What are the foods that can be shipped?
  • What are safety measures for shipping or mailing foods?
  • How can you ship food from one place to another?
  • Conclusion
Edible gifts
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  • Can you ship food?

Are you thinking to send edible treats to your friend, relative or loved one? Well, you can ship various types of food from one place to another- both perishable or non-perishable foods. However, it is important to ensure the safety measures for food shipping. When you want to send perishable food items through any shipping or mailing service, you must make sure that your gift package is kept at or below 40°F or better yet refrigerated during shipping. Whereas, non-perishable food items are the best edible gifts because they can stay fresh and safe for a long time period.

  • What are the foods that can be shipped?

Non-refrigerated or non-perishable foods stay fresh longer and safe at room temperature. So, you can use them as great homemade food gifts for your loved ones and minimize the risk of developing food poisoning. Here is a list of foods that can be shipped easily:

  1. Fruits, dried beef, fruit juice mixes, canned nuts and dehydrated soups are safe for shipping.
  2. Canned or smoked fish and meat along with cracker spreads and dips can also be shipped.
  3. You can also ship the dry baked and dense food items including biscotti, fruitcakes, etc.
  4. Homemade sweets and hard candies, like toffee and pralines are safe to ship through mail.
  5. Condiments such as hot sauce, unbreakable jars, corned beef, anchovies & shrimps dips, Cajun seasonings and shelf-stable hams are also safe for shipping.
  6. Commercially packed cookies, cakes and crackers are also shipped in airtight tins through mail.
  7. Muffins, sandwiches, bread, jams, fudge, chutneys, hot mustard and preserves can also be shipped anywhere in the world.
  8. Hams, Buffalo wings, skyline chili for spaghetti and ground beef burger can also be shipped.
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food jars
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  • What are safety measures for shipping or mailing foods?

Whether you are sending gifts from the kitchen to a short or long distance, here are some safety measures to help deliver your gift and its tasty contents to the final destination.

  • Don’t ship or mail perishable foods, like soft cheese or meats, while dry sausages and hard aged cheese are safe to ship.
  • Either you ship perishable or non- perishable foods, be sure that they are stored in a suitable packaging material.
  • Make sure canned or bottled food items are tightly sealed in safe containers that won’t break easily.
  • Before putting your gift into the final shipping box, you should also ensure that foods are sealed in the airtight wrap because it can moist foods separately in their textures.
  • Cakes, cookies and loaf bread can be shipped in disposable foil pans after being sealed in plastic wraps.
  • If you are mailing more than one food item, keep the heavier items at the bottom. And be sure there is a sufficient space between each item to ensure the safety.
  • Use a waterproof marker for putting the shipping address and return labels on your shipping box and make it secure with clear tape.
  • Ship or mail your food gifts via the quickest shipping service.
Image Credit by Foodnetwork
Image Credit by Foodnetwork
  • How can you ship food from one place to another?

When you decide to ship your edible gift for your friend or loved one, numerous shipping or mailing companies and restaurants come out there to deliver your gift packages to the final destination. They charge some cost for shipping your food items according to the size of food and distance. Shipping and delivery times of shipping companies also vary from each other. However, it is highly suggested that you should choose a reputable shipping company to send your edible gifts anywhere in the country and across the world.

  • Conclusion
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Whether you are shipping food items for any personal or corporate use, you should avoid choosing perishable items. However, non-perishable foods can be shipped easily across the country and world too. To ship the above-mentioned foods, your should select a reputable shipping company. Moreover, it is important that you should also know the proper regulations of shipping companies for safe and secure shipping. For instance, you should make sure that your food items are properly packed and labeled according to the shipping company’s instructions. By following the rules of the shipping company, your edible gift will absolutely reach its destination safely.

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