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Do you love a sandwich? How can you make it Healthy?

When it comes to lunch, sandwich is one of the most favourite choices of Americans that can beat other options. It is very quick and easy to make, as well as delicious and simple to eat. Whether you’re in school, office, working on a construction site or on the way, you can easily have it to satisfy your hunger. You can buy it from a food stall or restaurant, or also make it on your own. Eating a homemade sandwich is a great option because you can add lots of healthy ingredient in it to make it yummy and healthful. Unfortunately, if you don’t put your effort for sandwich making, a few ingredients can add hundreds of extra calories to your sandwich. Furthermore, cheese, mayo, and other fatty toppings can turn your healthy sandwich into a diet disaster.

healthy sandwich
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A new study reveals that a standard sandwich contains a rich content of sodium that is approximately equal to one-fifth of an individual’s total sodium intake per day. However, 49% of adults in the US consume at least one sandwich daily. According to the recent statistics, an average person should need 2300 mg sodium intake each day, while people older than 51 who have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other chronic disease should not take 1500 mg of sodium daily. On the other hand, Americans consume as many as 3300 mg of sodium each day because of eating fast foods including sandwiches on a regular basis. That’s why; they have high risks for serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, blood pressure, obesity and various others.

How Can You Make a Sandwich Good For You?

This comfort food has become a favourite eating stuff in many countries because of its simplicity. Typically, a sandwich is a food item made with veggies, meat or sliced cheese which are placed between the slices of plain bread and topped with one or more sauces like mustard or mayonnaise to enhance the flavor of it. A home-made sandwich is certainly good for you because you’re free to use healthiest ingredients to make it. A recent study has also found that a home-made sandwich (medium size) can give you almost 1,500 mg of sodium which is perfect to eat at lunch.

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Whether or not a sandwich is wholesome depends on what you include in it. Here are some of the best alternatives that can make it healthy and delectable. Follow these tips and enjoy a nutritive finger food!

5 Do’s for a Healthy Sandwich

  1. Make your sandwich with fruit or vegetables:

When it comes to sandwich recipes, vegetables are normally considered a second option. However, a recent study reveals that when you use fresh veggies in your sandwich, it will be more delicious and healthy. Cucumber slices, zucchini slices, tomato slices, water chestnuts and any other vegetables of your choice are the great addition to a sandwich. Additionally, fruit can also add an amazing taste to it. Try to add thin slices of pears, apples, watermelon and other fruits to your sandwich.

fruit sandwiches
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  1. Add Lean Meat:

A healthy sandwich can contain meat, but it is important to choose the high-protein and low-fat meat. The lean meat is an excellent choice for your sandwich because they are a great source of protein with low calories and fat. So, choose pure protein like sliced chicken, fish, turkey, or even canned salmon or tuna, and make your sandwich healthiest and flavorful.

chicken sandwich
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  1. Choose a low-calorie spread:

Most of the people think that a healthy sandwich contains high-calorie spreads like full-fat mayonnaise. But, here is another way to make it wholesome without adding a lot of fat. You can prepare it with the low-fat condiments like hummus, mustard, salad dressing, low-fat mayonnaise or even a slice of two of avocado. These sauces not only provide moisture to your sandwich but also keep it in a safe calorie range and give a heavenly taste.

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hummus sandwich
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  1. Choose whole wheat bread:

No doubt, selecting a savory and healthy filling is one of the best ways to make a sandwich. But, you should also care when it comes to bread. Try to select high-fiber bread like whole wheat bread. It will help you feel fuller throughout the day and offer you with various health benefits.


  1. Eat a smaller sandwich:

Lastly, you should avoid the monster or jumbo sandwiches that are usually available at many restaurants. Try eating a small size sandwich which is made with the healthiest ingredients.

Image credit by puckatuckacafe
Image credit by puckatuckacafe

5 Don’t for a Healthy Sandwich

If you want to prepare a genuinely healthy sandwich, what you leave out is just another important thing as what you add to your sandwich.

  1. Don’t use cold cuts:

Cold cut sauces are the simplest and easiest sandwich filling to use. But you need to be careful because many traditional pre-packaged sandwiches contain a high amount of fat, sodium and various preservatives. Instead of them, you should choose fresh slices of chicken, turkey, fish or seafood.

cold cut sandwich

  1. Don’t layer on the cheese:

For lots of people, a sandwich is incomplete without cheese. But remember that full-fat cheese such as cheddar makes it unhealthy. So, if you love cheese sandwich, try including lower-fat cheese like Swiss. You can also lay down hummus or plenty of fresh and delicious veggies and fruits to make it full of flavor.

cheese sandwich
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  1. Don’t Use white bread:

Using the white bread is one of the worst bases that you can choose for your much-loved sandwich. White bread is normally made with processed flour and preservatives; that’s why it has a very little nutritional value. So, prefer to choose healthier alternatives such as whole wheat bread, other whole grain bread and healthy wraps made of whole grains.

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  1. Don’t choose grilled sandwiches:

Grilled sandwiches may be delicious, but they are secret diet buster. The reason is that they are prepared with plenty of oil or butter. So, you should use only toasted bread with healthy ingredients if you want to taste a hot one. It will be a healthier package for you.

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  1. Don’t consume pre-packaged sandwiches:

Sometimes, most of us are in a hurry when it comes to choosing a sandwich for brunch or lunch. Therefore, we usually choose pre-packaged sandwiches to satisfy our hunger in this situation. They are generally prepared with white bread, unhealthy cheeses and spreads, cheapest meats, and harmful preservatives. Instead of this, you should manage some time to make a healthy sandwich that you’ll eat that day at lunch.

Image credit by mywallpaper
Image credit by mywallpaper

Hence, it is always recommended that you should prepare this finger food on your own at home. However, you can also enjoy a large variety of sandwiches at various local and international restaurants.

A List of Popular Restaurants in UAE where you can enjoy a delicious variety of sandwiches:

One of the most amazing things is that they are sometimes served hot as well as cold. You can have both savory like deli meat sandwiches and sweet such as a jelly sandwich with peanut butter according to your choice. As well as being homemade, this comfort food is also broadly sold in mall eateries, restaurants and cafes. Among the various varieties, the cheese, Club, submarine, turkey, cheesesteak, French dip and jelly sandwiches are the most popular ones around the globe. Have a look at the following UAE restaurants from where you can order your favourite sandwich.

  • Al Dayaa Shawerma Restaurant Dubai
  • Al Farooj Fresh in Dubai
  • Baja Fresh Restaurant Dubai
  • Pizza Inn Ajman
  • Subway in Ajman
  • Mister Hot Dog Abu Dhabi
  • Le Terrace Abu Dhabi
  • Al Bait Al Dimashqi Sharjah
  • Italian Pizza Kawkab Restaurant Sharjah
  • Day Night Restaurant & Cafeteria Sharjah

What type of sandwich do you like? Share it with us.

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