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25 Healthiest Foods That Prevent Acne

If you’re one of those who believe chocolate and greasy foods trigger acne, then think again because it is truly just a myth. According to expert nutritionists, it is only a big misconception about acne; the only thing these foods can do is increase cholesterol level. In my old post, I’ve discussed 25 healthiest foods that can cause acne, here i’m going to share 25 healthiest foods that prevent acne.

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A recent study reveals that hormonal changes within your body are the main cause of acne formation while high-stress lifestyle can also play a role in acne production, so stay calm and relaxed to have a pimple-free glowing skin. However, some experts suggest that stress does not trigger acne, yet changes in our eating habits and sleeping routines can promote acne breakouts.

What we eat always affects our skin. Some high-glycemic carbohydrate foods that spike your blood sugar levels can force your body into making extra insulin which can cause changes in the skin with the release of cortisol. Just limit the intake of these foods that can cause acne. So, what are the best foods to eat if you want to have the facial skin without acne and pimples? There are several healthiest foods that can reduce acne because of their high concentration of antioxidants, acne-fighting nutrients, and other anti-inflammatory compounds.

25 Healthiest Foods That Prevent Acne

If you’re dreaming of flawless skin that is free of acne scars and pimples, then you should add these 25 healthiest foods to your diet. Take a look at!

  1. Spinach

There are numerous green veggies that cure acne, but one with the most potential is spinach. It contains chlorophyll which may cleanse bacteria and toxins from the digestive tract and blood streams. Spinach also has vitamin A that is already known as an anti- acne agent.

  1. Salmon

Like sardines and mackerel, Salmon is also a popular fatty fish that may help keep acne under control. It is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Which help in keeping inflammation at bay.

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  1. Avocado

This delicious green fruit is a great source of vitamin E that can improve your skin’s vitality. It also contains vitamin C, which can reduce the skin inflammation and naturally moisturize the facial skin.

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  1. Carrots

Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene that can fight acne. Therefore, this veggie is considered a powerful weapon against acne. Try eating carrots with a healthy diet, like you can prepare a salad including carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and other veggies.

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  1. Garlic

Garlic is one of the most effective foods that prevent acne. It helps to fight inflammation and kills off many harmful bacteria and viruses in your body because it is full of allicin, an influential chemical.

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  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is popular spice which is commonly used in medicine to cure many diseases. This healthy spice also acts as a natural remedy against bacteria and toxins that lead to acne, as well as it fights inflammation to prevent acne. Add it to hot tea, salads, and cooked meals, and brighten your skin.

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  1. Oranges

This juicy fruit is considered a bomb of vitamin C that may not cure acne breakouts but it can help protect your skin from scarring. So, start your day with a glass of fresh orange juice.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are loaded with vitamin E, which helps skin heal from damage and scarring triggered by acne. One serving of 30g of almonds provides 1 mg of vitamin E while the recommended daily intake of vitamin E is 15 mg.

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  1. Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the healthiest foods of all time, and they can be a perfect remedy for acne breakouts. They contain a rich amount of pectin which helps to clear intestinal toxins that become a cause of acne flare-ups.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also included in the list of foods to eat to prevent acne. The reason is that they have beta-carotene that converts in the body to vitamin A, an anti-acne agent. So, add them to your diet and keep your facial skin clean and healthy.

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  1. Green tea

Green tea can be a great addition to your anti-acne diet because various studies have shown that green tea is also helpful for treating acne and other skin conditions. A certain polyphenol found in green tea modulates the production and functions of hormones.

green tea
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  1. Cilantro

Cilantro leaves are one of the best foods that prevent acne, as they have a fair amount of beta-carotene and vitamin E which help to control blood sugar and to fight free radicals.

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  1. Red Grapes

The seeds of red grapes are packed with natural chemicals and antioxidants that can treat an inflammatory skin condition, like eczema and psoriasis. Red grapes can also offer assistance to control the side effects of allergic reactions on the skin.

red grapes
  1. Spearmint

A recent study shows that spearmint and peppermint can help to control acne. They affect the hormone levels and reduce the levels of free active testosterone in the blood that can cause acne.

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  1. Oats

If you have an acne problem, you should add oats to your breakfast. Oats are a lavish source of zinc and low in iodine. Therefore, they can fight against acne by reducing inflammation and killing the bacteria associated with acne breakouts.



  1. Broccoli

This green veggie is the perfect skin clearing food as it contains Vitamin A, B-Complex, C, E and K. These potential antioxidants may help to fight radical damage and keep your skin acne-free and glowing.



  1. Apples

Yes, apples can also keep you away from acne as they contain pectin, a kind of dietary fiber which absorbs toxins and eliminates them through the colon fast. Apart from this, apples are also a great source of vitamins and bioflavonoids which promote healthy skin.



  1. Barley

Barley is one of the healthiest grains if your skin is prone to acne breakouts. The reason is that it has the lowest GI rating. High glycemic foods can cause acne while low glycemic can give a glowing and younger skin without any a pimple or acne breakout.

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  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is a rich source of vitamins A, C & E and amino acids that can help to fight against acne breakouts. So, make a habit of eating cucumber salad each day.



  1. Fennel

If you’re looking for a natural skin cleanser, start consuming fennel because it contains licorice. This veggie not only improves digestion but also reduces swelling, as well as flushes out excess fluids and toxins in your skin.




  1. Artichoke

This fibrous green veggie has a rich amount of antioxidants and is full of vitamin C. That’s why, it helps to remove toxins from the body and clear your skin.



  1. Tomatoes

Along with having vitamin C, tomatoes also have bioflavonoids which help to repair damaged or scarred skin. So, consume them regularly to reduce acne.



  1. Brazil nuts

If you often experience acne breakouts, include the Brazil nuts to your diet. They are one of the best foods that prevent acne. The reason is that they are abundant in selenium that helps improve acne. This powerful antioxidant protects cells from inflammatory damage and preserves skin’s elasticity to make your skin acne-free.



  1. Oysters

Oysters are one of the most effective acne-fighters because they offer a large content of zinc that may help reduce acne. The zinc found in oysters controls the release of male hormones that trigger acne. So, incorporate oysters into your diet and get a healthy skin.



  1. Brown Rice

If you want to prevent acne breakouts, your body needs vitamin B that acts as our skin’s stress fighter. Brown rice is a great source of protein, vitamin B, magnesium and other antioxidants which can regulate hormone levels and prevent the acne breakouts.



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