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A Guide to Moving the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates -the world’s most blooming business and tourist attraction is becoming the first preference for professionals and expatriates to settle down. The country is sharing the southeast end of Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, east with Oman, south with Saudi Arabia and sea borders with Qatar and Iran. Desert and mountains cover about 90% of the country’s terrain. The country mainly consists of seven emirates namely; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm Al-Qaiwain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, and Fujairah. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and is the most densely populated commercial city of all the estates. Being an owner of oil reserves and experiencing two decades of diversification, the UAE has ultimately attained a reputation as a developed, commercial and economic leader around the world.  The magnetic charm of career opportunities, tax-free income, and developed infrastructure attracts the expats to move to this region.

Facts about UAE:

  • The Number. 1 prosperous country of the Middle East is the UAE, while it is 29th on the prosperity index across the world.
  • In the UAE, English is mostly spoken as a principal language of business.
  • The working hours are generally between 40 and 48 hours weekly, while Friday and Saturday are considered the weekend.
  • The UAE economy is healthy and wealthy as the unemployment rate is under 2%.
  • This dynamic country accepts many religions and cultures, therefore, it is known as one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East.
  • Expatriates from over 150 countries constitute the 85% of the population of the UAE.
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The UAE as an Expat Destination:

UAE has several attractive facilities for the expats to move here such as; private education, world’s most fantastic and popular shopping malls, several entertainment opportunities, tax-free income, better investment opportunities, tremendous lifestyle and much more. That’s why; more than half population of the country consists of the expat community. Diversity in culture and languages is also a reason to acclimatize easily in UAE.

A Detailed Guidance to Move The United Arab Emirates

Here are some important things that can compel you to move UAE. Lets have a look at these!

  • Culture

The UAE culture is completely diverse, and it is considered as a home to people from all different nationalities. Each of them is contributing to modify the traditional culture of the UAE in all respects including, food, dress, language and talents as well. The UAE culture follows the Arabian culture and has been inspired by the culture of India, Persia and East Africa. Persian culture is noticeably visible in traditional Emirati architecture and folk arts.

UAE Culture
Image credit by generationvoyage
  • Food

The majority of the population is Muslim. The core ingredients of the traditional cuisine are fish, rice, and meat. Seafood is the basic food of Emirates. Shawarma, balaleet, falafel, Al Harees, tabbouleh, and ligamat etc are the most popular Emirati cuisines. Besides the traditional food, the UAE cuisine has adopted several foods from West and South Asian countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Pakistan, and India. Common beverages are coffee and tea. Fast food is rapidly gaining popularity among youngsters. Moreover, the hospitality in the UAE is very exceptional and alluring. A large number of local and international restaurants are operating in all the Emirates of this international country. They not only offer a variety of the world’s cuisines but also ensure that their visitors can get a wonderful dining experience in their appealing atmosphere. Many of them have also joined hands with online fast delivery services. So, it has become very easy to get your favourite meal at very affordable rate at home, workplace or any place where you want.

Image credit by aeblog
Image credit by aeblog
  • Accommodation

It has been noticed a dramatic increase in expat settlement in UAE in last few years. The main reason is that the cost of living in many cities of United Arab Emirates is affordable for everyone. According to a survey, none of the UAE cities has been ranked as the top ten expensive cities to live in. Expats have better chances to earn as the low taxation on ordinary commodities such as local items, machinery and vehicles has a positive impact on savings. Residents in UAE enjoy cheaper utilities and subsidies on several public services as compared to the residents of other countries.

In spite of these facts, the expatriates who prefer luxurious lifestyle are willing to pay higher for the luxuries in this country. The reason is that the international brands and luxurious lifestyle cannot be accommodated in economical prices. Abu Dhabi, being the main sector of UAE, has numerous accommodation attractions. This developed city stretched with white sandy beach adjacent to the Gulf is one of the best weekend destinations. Al Mina Port, Emirate Palace, and Marina Mall are the best places to enjoy holidays. Hence, a layman cannot afford to own a luxurious apartment here. But, you can easily find a rented property at very reasonable rate to live in.

Apartments in UAE
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  • Healthcare

An easy approach to the basic medical healthcare facilities means a lot for the residents of every place. United Arab Emirates has excellent healthcare facilities for the natives and the expats too. In some parts of the UAE, it is the responsibility of the organizations that employ foreigners to provide the basic healthcare facilities to the expats. However, in Abu Dhabi, it is mandatory for the employer to obtain a residential visa and finance the medical expenditures personally.

Image credit by pixelclique
Image credit by pixelclique
  • Transportation

Local transportation is quite cheap, feasible and accessible to move around easily in UAE. The morning hours 8 am-10 am and afternoon hours 1.30 pm- 3 pm are the hours when the roads experience dense traffic and difficult driving conditions.

Image Credit by wikimedia
Image Credit by wikimedia
  • Education

Education is one of the most important concerns that compel an individual to move another country. When an expat moves into UAE, he/she must be informed that expats have an opportunity to approach private educational institutes. But, they can’t have access to free education system or the government sponsored schools. Hence, there are some popular private institutions which have an efficient education system to meet the needs of international students.

Image Credit by startos
Image Credit by startos
  • Business and Job Opportunities

Oil reservoirs are the backbone of the country’s revenue. Besides this, the country has a strong business infrastructure and opportunities for the natives and expats as well. This country is also experiencing an economic boom in the financial and construction sectors. The tax-free income benefits are the main temptation for foreign investors. They have more chances to settle down their business and achieve their corporate goals. Good wages and the affordable lifestyle are one of the basic reasons to move in the UAE.


  • Language

The national language of the UAE is Arabic. However, English is widely spoken as the language of education and business, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The expatriate population also speaks other world languages. That’s why the majority of UAE expats don’t experience any difficulty when they communicate with the locals.

image credit by superstock
image credit by superstock
  • Climate

The weather of the UAE is a subtropical arid; it has hot summers and warm winters. In hot season (April to September), the temperature range is over 50°C and the hottest months are July and August. While, the average minimum temperature range in January and February is between 10-14 °C. Sandstorms are frequent in this region. Additionally, the rainfall in the mountainous areas reaches to 350 mm annually, however, in the coastal areas, a low rainfall is recorded each year.



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