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How Is Mexican Food Good For You?

Why is Mexican food so much popular? Is it great in taste? Does it contain fresh and healthy ingredients? Is Mexican food famous due to its unique flavored sauces? These are some questions come in our mind when we talk about Mexican food. In America, Mexican cuisine is more preferred than hamburger. There are more than 5,800 Mexican restaurants nationwide, and more than 85% Americans order a variety of tacos, enchiladas every week.

Although Mexican food is tasty, rich in nutrients and calories, another question is that Mexican cuisine is healthy and acceptable for your diet plan or not? Many people assume that Mexican cuisine is not so much healthy but the dutiful research of the taco scientists at the University de las Americas Puebla proved that Mexican staples like taco al pastor have healthy nutritional compositions. It is not necessary that all Mexican foods are nutritive, but you should be smart enough while choosing your order.

The preparation of Mexican cuisine is as complex as any cuisine in any other world cuisine. It is created mostly with ingredients native to Mexico as well as those brought over by the Spanish conquistadors. The basic and traditional dishes include ingredients; fruit-flavored water, grilled vegetables, maize, bean, chili, fresh herbs and spices, rice, slow-cooked meat and homemade tortillas, etc.

Mexican cuisines
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The Main ingredients of Mexican foods & their Health Benefits

Although modern Mexican food is full of fat and cheese, it can’t be denied that Mexican food health benefits are immense when you make it with some fresh and healthy ingredients. So, avoid calorie-containing ingredients, such as salt, cheese, and cream when you cook any Mexican cuisine. And try using these super-healthy ingredients which can offer a lot of health benefits to you. Have a look at 7 healthiest ingredients of Mexican cuisines and their health benefits.


Beans are the excellent sources of soluble fiber which can lower bad cholesterol, plus they are a highly recommended way to get essential amount of protein and iron as these nutrients help regulate digestion, nourish the brain, and protect you from the various types of cancer. Kidney beans are potent to strengthen bones because of their Vitamin K, calcium, and manganese content. Use your favorite beans to fill up burritos and tacos or try them in bean casserole.

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Salsa is a Mexican sauce which is mostly used in Mexican cuisines to improve their flavors. Salsa gives you a wonderful freshness to boost up your mood and energy because it is packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is made from tomatoes, lettuce, lemon juice and hot peppers. However, you can add some extra virgin olive oil to add flavor. Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamin C which can help boost your immune system. On the other hand, lettuce provides fiber and other minerals to boost the nutrition of your meal.

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Rice is a vital staple food of Mexican cuisine. Rice is a cereal grain and gluten-free food that you can find in almost every Mexican dish, from consommé and burritos to rice pudding. Pure horchata (rice milk) is lighter and healthier than regular milk. Add a little sugar syrup to Horchata and serve it over ice, drizzle some cinnamon and enjoy a refreshing traditional Mexican beverage.

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Avocado is a delicious way to get heart-healthy monounsaturated fats in your diet as it contains a huge amount of folate. Moreover, various studies show that the Vitamin K in avocado can improve overall immunity, and the oleic acid in avocado helps prevent breast cancer. It is the best fruit for sourcing your Vitamin E, which improves overall immunity. Studies show that the oleic acid in avocado prevents breast cancer. Add avocado slices to a breakfast taco, dice it onto chili, or mash it onto whole-grain bread.

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Jalapeno and many other hot chili peppers are commonly used in Mexican foods. The capsaicin in hot peppers is anti-inflammatory, so it can lower your cholesterol level and charge up your metabolism. Jalapeno is also a known heart-healthy pepper which is helpful in battling headaches and sinus infections, as well as playing a vital role in preventing certain cancers. Also, it is thermogenic, which means it helps in burning the calories and weight loss. Spice up your favorite Mexican food with Jalapenos and other hot peppers.

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The fragrance of cilantro is wonderful, and the flavor is truly refreshing. Along with these, this herb is loaded with powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That’s why it not only makes Mexican food flavorful but also increases the health benefits of it.

Image credit by noety
Image credit by noety


Corn gains a high rating on the health-o-meter just because of having key nutrients. This whole grain food delivers a bunch of fiber that helps you digest your food properly. Only a small amount of corn can easily satisfy your hunger and give you a feeling of fuller.

Image credit by yahoo
Image credit by yahoo

Why Is New Mexican Food Popular in the World?

Here are some surprising reasons why New Mexican food is popular in the world:

  1. With New Mexican chili, you don’t have to taste the same flavors all the time.

In Mexico, people mostly use red or green chilies to cook foods. Both chilies have their own flavors. The red chili tastes a little sweeter, and green can change its taste in heat from mild to hot, adding different tastes of spice to any dish.

Image credit by pinterest
Image credit by pinterest
  1. Mexican people use their national vegetable in lots of foods, including sweets.

You can find Chili in every Mexican cuisine whether it is savory or sweet. Green Chili donuts, red chili donuts, green chili popcorn, red chili peanut brittle and green chili apple fritters are just a few amazing days you can put Mexican chili into sweets to eat.

  1. The Pinon is the state tree of Mexico, and its nuts are best in cooking.

Pinon nuts are sweet, buttery and creamy; that’s why they are a great addition to cookies and pasta. You can also use these nuts to make Pinon candies, pinon rolls, pinon brittle and even pinon coffee. All are extremely tasty and mouth-watering.

  1. New Mexican cuisine is a fusion of influences, keeping the best to make something unique.

New Mexico has an influence from Mexico, Spain, and Native Pueblos, this is the reason, the people of New Mexico like to use different ingredients to create its own special animal. They often use beans, chili, and corn as the main ingredients to cook their popular dishes such as tamales, empanadas, enchiladas, pozole, and chile rellenos, etc.

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image credit by chilitosexpress
image credit by chilitosexpress
  1. New Mexican food is an amazing treat not only for your mouth but also for your eyes.

The main ingredient of New Mexican, Chili gives taste to everything. Once you start eating it, you can’t stop yourself from eating it. Just look at this Mexican food, it’ll make your mouth water.

6. New Mexico has its own local flavors.

Mexican cuisine is primarily a blend of native Meso-american cooking with European, Spanish elements. When the conquistadors arrived, native Mexican food culture already had included to some staples that are still enjoyed today like tamales, pozole, etc.

7. Traditional Mexican dishes less rely on the chili peppers.

The Basic ingredient of New Mexican food is Chili peppers that add spicy flavor to the dishes. Traditional Mexican food less relay on the hot peppers. Chilies are used to their flavor and not for just their heat. Many Mexican dishes are defined by their sauces and these sauces also contain chilies.

8. New Mexico has Sopapillas.

A Sopapilla is a fried pastry usually made with bread and filled with honey. It is perfect for breakfast. You can also enjoy it with dipping sauces at lunch if you stuff this pastry with beans and meat. And it is also ideal for dinner, season it with cinnamon and sugar and serve it as a dessert.

Image credit by toriavey
Image credit by toriavey

If you love to eat Mexican food, the best option is that you’ll make it on your own. Because when you cook any food at home, you can include or exclude some ingredients to make it healthy and delicious. However, there are a lot of Mexican restaurants in UAE where you can enjoy an authentic, delicious, and healthy Mexican meal. They serve some healthier dishes including fajitas and seafood dishes to satisfy their customers. You can order your favourite Mexican dish by clicking here.


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