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10 Must-Try Cuisines in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a wonderful Emirate of UAE where people love to go all around the world. This dreamland owns striking contrasts, for example, it is both extremely traditional and incredibly modern. On one hand, its boundaries involve the dessert, but it also has a remarkable coastline. Another thing that makes this destination must-go-place is the cuisine.

Delightful foods are an important attraction in Abu Dhabi. With an extensive history, exceptional features, different styles and exquisite cooking, Middle Eastern cuisines are one important constituent part of UAE culture. UAE traditional dishes are famous for their taste, aroma, color, and appearance as well. They are made with a striking blend of spices that give the palate a unique blend of flavors.

Abu Dhabi has many Emirati restaurants where you may taste these unique dishes. Abu Dhabi is known for its hospitality and magnificent dining scenes. Middle Eastern cuisine is hearty and mouth-watering. It is an ideal dining place where you can find any international cuisine that you desire. Chinese, Mexican, American, French, Japanese, Italian and Indian, you name it. But why not you try the delectable cuisines you can’t find in your country? So try out the local Middle Eastern cuisines. Traditional Middle Eastern foods incorporate chickpeas, rice, veggies, and meats, as well as having their fantastic flavors and flair. They are unbelievably delectable, appetizing, satisfying and wholesome.

image credit by hotelandrest
image credit by hotelandrest

10 Must Try Cuisines in Abu Dhabi

Here are some most popular Middle Eastern cuisines which are not only savored in Abu Dhabi but also in the whole United Arab Emirates. Must try them when you visit this splendid Emirate, or any Middle Eastern restaurant in your own country.

  1. Al Harees

Al Harees- a mouth-watering dish that never misses a place in your taste buds. It is one of the most delicious Middle Eastern dishes ever introduced to mankind as it requires very few ingredients and has a mind-blowing taste. While making Harees, meat and wheat are cooked together in boiling water with some salt for seasoning. The cooking process is very lengthy and takes several hours. This fabulous dish is specially served during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid. Although it is best served in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the more or less same flavor can be found all over UAE. The flavorful taste and aroma of the Al Harees have no comparison. Add little amount of clarified butter when it comes to your table and enjoy the yummy taste of a traditional meal!

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Al Harees
Image credit by theculturetrip
  1. Falafel

Falafel is another scrumptious taste from Abu Dhabi. It is eminent as Ta’amia in Middle Eastern and describes a totally different taste of Kebab. These crunchy fried balls are enriched with spiced chickpeas, fava beans, and various Arabic spices. It is a delicious delicacy. I assure you that once you put a chilly and spicy falafel in your mouth, it occupies a place in your heart too. Fill pita bread with Falafel and Tahini sauce and make a delectable wrap. It is worth giving a try!!

Image credit by mafengwo
  1. Balaleet

Balaleet- A yummy breakfast meal in Abu Dhabi. It is vermicelli and egg pasta that has both sweet and salty flavors. The crunchy and juicy balaleet is also traditionally prepared on Eid holidays and at special events like weddings as a scrumptious dessert. It is fried noodles topped with saffron omelette and usually served with boiled black-eyed peas and garbanzo beans. This tasty Middle Eastern dish tastes great when served either hot or cold.

Image credit by yasalamcooking
  1. Mohammar

Mohammar is one of the must try cuisines in Abu Dhabi. Extremely delicious and scrumptious!! Mohammar refers to sweet rice dish that is prepared with sugary rice, meat, and spices. There are different varieties of Mohammar, but people mainly use aromatic long-grained basmati rice and grilled fish and Arabic spices which give it a unique savory-sugary flavor. To enhance the spectrum of your taste, you must give a try to this Mohammar recipe.

Image credit by ask-mag
Image credit by ask-mag
  1. Hummus

A well-known and flavorful dip from the Middle Eastern culture is hummus. It’s unbelievably yummy and appetizing!! Hummus is served as an appetizer with pita bread. It is made by blending chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, and salt. It is commonly eaten with pita bread which is just like the shawarma. This lip-smacking dip not only satisfies your taste buds but also compel you to eat it again and again.

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Image credit by traveltourxp
Image credit by traveltourxp
  1. Shawarma

Shawarma is one of the most famous street/fast foods in Abu Dhabi, as well as it is the most eaten food across the country. These are made in a variety of ways from simple tastes to gourmet meals. Shawarma is a simple Arabic roti or flatbread with lamb or chicken to which a mixture of vegetables, hot sauce, fries, tomatoes, and pickles are added. These ingredients give a heavenly taste to shawarma. A lot of restaurants serve this comfort food all around Abu Dhabi, so the taste and preparation method can be different from one place to other. In UAE, a favorite accompaniment to the shawarma is a smoothie, made from blending strawberry and banana.

Image credit by eradomianki
Image credit by eradomianki
  1. Tabbouleh

Have you ever tasted tabbouleh? It is an Arabic cuisine for vegetarians. This dish is aromatic salad, made from fresh vegetables and herbs. Today, I’ve picked Tabbouleh to feature the recipe from Abu Dhabi region. This traditional salad is very tasty, and its additional ingredients make it a unique dish way different from ordinary salad recipes. It not only offers the health benefits but also satisfies the hunger in a balanced way. Enjoy this wholesome salad with your favorite meal. So, must make it today, a tabbouleh recipe is here.

Image credit by tarastinykitchen
Image credit by tarastinykitchen
  1. Madrouba

Preparing meat the Middle Eastern way is superb. If you are fond of enjoying a unique taste of Abu Dhabi, then you must try Madrouba. It is a great combination of boneless chicken/beef/fish, oats, lentils and several Emirati spices. Madrooba/Madrouba is a perfect comfort food that not only tastes divine but also owns a heart-wining aroma. You can enjoy this mouth-watering dish with rice or flatbread. So delicious and so satisfying!

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Image credit by onionin
Image credit by onionin
  1. Mahalabiya

Mahalabiya is a famous sweet dish from Abu Dhabi, enjoying world fame and also considered as one of UAE’s traditional dishes. This Arabic-style Milk pudding is often savored Ramadan after Iftar in the Middle East. It is so creamy, tasty, and lip-smacking! Mahalabiya is a delectable mixture of milk, cream, vanilla, cornstarch and some other ingredients which make it even tastier. Try to make Mahalabiya to impress your loved ones or to celebrate your special moments.

Image credit by recettesdumonde
Image credit by recettesdumonde
  1. Luqaimat

In general, Abu Dhabi has introduced lots of sweet dishes which are famous all over UAE. But, Luqaimat is a popular dessert of UAE that people love to eat as a breakfast or a night dessert. These sweet and fluffy fried dumplings coated with date syrup are a great treat for foodies with a serious sweet tooth. Though they are deep fried, these dumplings are extremely light and have a delicate flavor.

Image credit by teachaway
Image credit by teachaway

I’m sure that after reading this, you’re carving for these traditional dishes. Make your favorite one on your own or order it from your nearby restaurant. Also, leave your comments with the Middle Eastern dish that appeals you the most.

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