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Moving to UAE? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes

Moving to UAE can be one of the biggest decisions in life, as it is considered a dreamland for expatriates looking for an improved standard of living and want to relocate to the Middle East. There are several factors that need to be taken into account if you want to make your UAE move smooth and tension-free. Conversely, if the whole moving process is not properly planned, then your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. In this article, we explore the most common mistakes that expats make when moving to UAE.

According to a recent survey, almost a half of expats moving to UAE are not properly prepared. The reason is that they don’t have enough practical information about the life in UAE. Research from Zurich, an international insurance company, shows that one-third of expats found the relocation process more daunting than they expected. It is because of some common mistakes that they usually make. These mistakes are easily avoidable. Continue to read this article and know these mistakes.

10 Common Mistakes That Expats Make When Moving to UAE

Here is a complete guideline which will highlight the top 10 common mistakes that expats make when they are moving to UAE.

  1. Inadequate Research

Not doing a proper research can be the worst mistake of your life when you intend to relocate to another location. It is true that there are some potential issues which can affect your move, job hunt, and lifestyle in your new location. As an expat, it is vital to do your research about the region, visa laws, work culture, standard of living, housing, etc. when relocating abroad. A detailed research will avoid all hassles and help you in a smooth move.

Image credit by wayoflifestudio
Image credit by wayoflifestudio
  1. Living Beyond Means

It is a common thing when people relocate to another country; they spend more money in the excitement of starting their lives in a new location, establishing their homes and making new friends. A poll conducted by the news site revealed that about 45% of the respondents said living beyond their means was the “worst mistake that expats make in UAE.” When expats move to their desired location, they get personal loans for unnecessary things, such as they buy a bigger car and disturb their budget.

UAE offer a tax-free environment to expatriates. Therefore, people can easily manage the cost of living in the country. They should properly manage their budget in all things such as house rent, education, food, and car payments, etc., according to their monthly incomes.

Image credit by beyondthehorizon
Image credit by beyondthehorizon
  1. Expensive Accommodation

Most of the expats get luxurious accommodation at high prices when they come to UAE for working or living. Expensive accommodation can create problems in budgeting and also make tough to survive in a specific monthly income. Therefore, it is crucial to know where you’ll be living. If possible, you should visit your house hunt before moving. Moreover, if you can’t afford your own house, then you must contact a right property dealer to find a rental property according to your pocket.

Image credit by hoteliermiddleeast
Image credit by hoteliermiddleeast


  1. Improper Employer/Job Selection

UAE has become one of the most attractive work destinations for many people all over the world. Most of the enterprises in GCC countries tend to be family holdings which support their employees in the settlement. According to a report, 90% of the emigrants move to UAE in the hope of joining a professional and reputable company. But many of them can’t find the right employer because they don’t have proper job descriptions. Poor employer/job selection can be extremely frustrating. So, if you’re going to UAE for work, job satisfaction is one of the most imperative things that you must ensure. To find the right employer/job, you should contact the right placement agent and get the detailed information about the responsibilities of your job.

Image credit by ntvbd
Image credit by ntvbd
  1. Poor Self-confidence

According to a report, many expats do not make much effort to change their jobs to another GCC country or Europe or the USA due to regulatory reasons. It is mainly due to poor self-confidence as a result of staid job functions. Thus, it is essential that expats should boost their confidence level and keep their morals high. It’ll help you in finding the new opportunities in your relevant field and make easier to live in the international country.

Image credit by encouragebd
Image credit by encouragebd
  1. Poor Communication

Poor communication is a huge mistake that expats make when they move to UAE. Arabic is the national language of UAE which is commonly spoken in the entire country. However, English is also popular in this region as a business language. Consequently, expats should learn these languages to communicate easily with other people in UAE.

Image credit by proaktivdirekt
Image credit by proaktivdirekt
  1. Selection of Wrong Removals Company

The selection of a right removals company is also necessary for your international move. Only a right removals company can guarantee you to send your belongings safely at your residential place. Many expats often hire the cheapest moving service, but it is not the best approach. You should consider the key factors such as experience, previous customer feedback, ratings, and insurance, etc. You can find a reliable removals company online to make your move smooth, safe and hassle-free.

Image credit by strongarmmoving
Image credit by strongarmmoving
  1. Poor Investment Choices

Making poor savings and poor investment choices can also be the worst mistakes that expats make when moving to UAE. Many expatriates don’t manage their monthly budget in a proper way and have no money for savings at the end of a month. While, some expats make investment choices based on the guidance of non-professional financial planners who can refuse to make any accountability when your investments fail.

In UAE, expats can easily make savings and investments because of tax-free salaries. However, it is important to make a proper budget for the calculation of your savings. You can remit money back home and opt for either real estate, gold or fixed deposit to make more money.

Image credit by esensah
Image credit by esensah
  1. Little Know-how about Culture

UAE has a very diverse culture as compared to many other countries of the world. Whilst this Middle Eastern country has strong cultural beliefs and social laws, but it offers a freedom of religion to expats. Some UAE laws are here- the consumption of alcohol in public and without a license, non-UAE nationals owning a business, driving without a license, and unmarried couples living together, etc. Any little mistake or wrong gesture can offend you in this international country. Therefore, you should do your research to know the UAE culture comprehensively.

It is, however, very delightful to know that Emirati people are truly friendly and welcoming as long as you’re amicable and respect their culture. Due to extremely low crime rates, every individual feels protected within the UAE.

UAE culture
Image credit by usk24
  1. Not Understanding the Weather

Getting the proper know-how about UAE weather is also important if you’re relocating with your family and kids. The weather of UAE is hot and humid, and temperature can reach up to 45 °C in a hot season that can affect the health of your family. So, if there is an asthmatic in your family, then humid weather can disturb your loved ones.

Image credit by usk24
Image credit by usk24


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