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5 Restaurant Sandwiches You’ll Definitely Love

Bored with your regular sandwiches? Look forward to enjoying your lunch again with some different and delicious sandwiches. Here I’m going to share 5 restaurant sandwiches that you must taste them. They all are unique in flavor and healthy in nature, so you don’t need to think again and again before tasting them. I assure you that you’ll surely love these sandwiches because they not only please your stomach but also give a surprise to your taste buds.
To taste these 5 mouth-watering sandwiches, either you can visit the below-mentioned restaurants or can place an order through PapaOrder.com. This ever best option will deliver your ordered sandwich to your doorstep and also give an opportunity to enjoy the fastest online food delivery in Dubai. Have a look at them and choose your best one!

1.    Steak Sandwich

A juicy and healthy steak sandwich can still be on the menu when you opt for delicious steaks and flavourful mushrooms. Try out this scrumptious steak sandwich at Sambuca restaurant in Dubai. It is prepared with grilled striploin steak, wrapped in ciabatta bread and topped with sautéed onion, mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese.


2.    Grilled kabab Sandwich

Satisfy your sandwich craving pangs with Grilled Kabab sandwich. Noon & Kabab restaurant in Dubai serves cheesy grilled beef and veggies sandwiches which taste heavenly. They are made with Grilled kababs rolled into fresh hot bread slices. When you take a bite of this delectable sandwich, I’m sure you can’t yourself to eat more. Give a try to these lip-smacking sandwiches and share the deliciousness with your family and friends.


3.    Shish Taouk Wrap

Instead of relying on loads of cheese or mayo in a wrap, you should indulge in light and yummiest Shish Taouk Wrap. You can enjoy it at Camoon restaurant in Dubai, where it is made with grilled shish taouk, garlic paste and cucumber pickles. These fresh and quality ingredients not only make this wrap mouth-watering and satisfying but also amuse your taste buds. Order this tasty wrap through PapaOrder and experience the fastest online food delivery in Dubai.


4.    Dragon Spicy Fillet Sandwich

Dragon Spicy Fillet Sandwich is a specialty of Al Farooj Fresh in Dubai. Soft bun, Crispy chicken, melted cheese and fresh green veggies are the key components of the Dragon sandwich. Every ingredient of this sandwich is fresh and pure, which make it more flavourful than your typical sandwich. It is commonly served with French fries and soft drinks at Al Farooj Fresh. So, must try these sandwiches and taste a new and unique flavour of fillet sandwich.


5.    Spicy Nacho Burrito

Spicy Nacho Burrito is a must-try sandwich if you’re dying for a heart touching meal. In Dubai, you can find the best and authentic Nacho Burritos only at Baja Fresh restaurant. These sandwiches contain chicken, rice, black & pinto beans, jack & cheddar cheese, smoky queso fundido, jalapenos, and many other ingredients. They have exquisite taste and will surely make your lunch or dinner worthy. Order these delightful nachos with PapaOrder and enjoy the instant Baja Fresh delivery.

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